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Pat is an awesome expert in teaching yoga (from beginners to very advanced students) and making it interesting every time. Her classes are very well planned, executed and I always felt very relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of each class. She has knack of challenging each student (of varied skill level) without compromising the core principles of Asana's (postures) and flow. Her teachings focus on alignment (of internal energy and asana anatomy) and overall development and strengthening of body, mind and vision. She is able to pack all this and more in each class due to her vast theoretical knowledge and decades of distilled experience. She provides immense inspiration and makes every class a joyful and memorable experience. I highly recommend her class to anyone.

- Durga Srigiriraju, Certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher and VP of development at Citibank

I have been practicing Yoga for the past eight years. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a multitude of instructors who exposed me to various Yoga practices and styles of teaching. Pat Jimenez teaches by far and away the most fulfilling Yoga class I have ever encountered. Her class presents a challenging workout for advance Yoga practitioners and athletes. However, by providing a flexible class with plenty of position options, individuals at the intermediate and newbie level can also take joy in Pat’s instruction. Pat places an emphasis on injury prevention, breath control, postural alignment, and proper technique to obtain the best results for everyone. Every week I look forward to my Yoga class with Pat. As an attorney in the Securities litigation arena, Yoga is an excellent source of stress relief for me and I leave Pat’s class feeling physically strong and mentally calm. Thank you Pat for making my life all the more enjoyable!

- Dominique Heller, Attorney at Fowler White Boggs Banker P.A.

I took workshops and seminars from Pat in the 90’s that were designed for instructors to provide continuing educational credits for IDEA and ACE certifications. These included choreography workshops such as: Creating smooth transitions and movement flow, to, cardio-sculpting programs to, applying Yoga techniques to end all classes. Pat was a legend in her field where she was using core stability movement patterns combined with weights (Functional fitness training) back in the 90’s. She would combine standing leg workouts with a simultaneous upper body workout utilizing bands and weights to combine muscular and cardiovascular conditioning way before this concept hit the fitness market.  -Jeremy Langsto

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