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I knew I was in for a treat when I signed up for the chanting workshop that Carla and Jill put on in late January. I’d always been curious about it and have enjoyed Carla’s chanting at the end of her yoga classes. Her angelic voice creates a true sense of peace and serenity. I was impressed with the depth of study revealed by Jill and Carla and thrilled to learn at the workshop that there is a science behind each sound involved in this practice. It was fascinating to find out how chanting fits in with yoga and can benefit your physical health and mental well-being. But what surprised me the most about the workshop was the joyful feeling of being spiritually connected that I experienced and how great I felt after we’d finished. It was very powerful. I can’t wait until the next workshop. I would recommend this for anyone and especially for those involved in the practice of yoga.

- Sandy Patin 

Having practiced Hatha Yoga with Carla at the Lotus Room in Tampa many times over the past year, when I received word of her Pranayama/Mantra workshop, I knew I had to make time in my busy schedule to attend. At her workshop she began by skillfully guiding the class on our inward journey using various Pranayama breathing techniques with the same empowering yet gentle style as I'd experienced in her Yoga classes. She demonstrated, then led us in vocalizing different sound and vibration combinations used in Indian chants and Mantras. Now encouraged and prepared, we then performed a few Indian chants along with Carla. Very inspirational, and a relaxing and pleasant experience. I highly recommend her CD; I've played it many times and always enjoy it! Namaste.

- Ray

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