Science of yoga

There is significant growth in research evaluating how yoga specifically impacts both mental and physical health. Despite rapid advances in medical technology and continuous drug research, yoga is gaining attention, becoming more widely accepted in conventional healthcare, particularly in functional and integrative medicine (personal knowledge; (Network, n.d.). In fact, according to Dr. Michael Sinel, yoga therapy is now being offered in 93% of 755 integrative medical facilities across the U.S. (YogaUOnline, n.d.). Dr. Michael Sinel, an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of California states that he “deeply believes in the therapeutic value of yoga for health care” (YogaUOnline, n.d.).
Samuel Barnes agrees that functional medicine in general is becoming more accepted into American hospitals, stating that “[n]owadays, you will find Reiki healers in the ICU, acupuncturists in the cancer ward, and yoga instructors working alongside the physical therapists, all in the name of delivering optimal outcomes (Barnes, 2018).” The perspective on yoga in Western conventional medicine is changing from a non-respected form of healing, to a well-researched and one of the most effective modalities in healthcare today (Barnes, 2018). One study combining the practice of yoga with physical therapy demonstrated that up to 40% of full function and mobility was recovered while patients were healing from injuries (Robert B. Saper, et al., 2017).
As stated in Annals of Internal Medicine states “Yoga’s benefits for hospital patients extend beyond the physical” (Helen E. Tilbrook, et al., 2011). Patients undergoing long-term treatments consistently report that regular yoga practice improves their mood, makes them more optimistic, and leads to better long term outcomes to their treatment.
Yoga is metaphoric, with qualities needed to be successful in life such as stability, discipline and intention. For example, embracing a challenging arm balance teaches one to accept the discomfort and stay calm using the breath.  Moreover, the physical benefits that yoga provides teaches the yogi similarly how a person can calmly respond to a stressful work or family situation.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Practicing yoga provides tremendous benefits but to maximize the effects, it is important to compliment with healthy living. This means looking at all areas of how your life is interconnected such as a healthier environment, healthy relationships, cross fitness training and positive thinking.

Integrating Yoga practice with harmonizing the mind and body without fueling it with good nutrition does not make a lot of sense. Nutrition is a fundamental part of any healing or anti-aging process.

Since vitamin and mineral deficiency can impair the body’s ability to heal itself, they often benefit the body and mind in unique ways. However, the most important consideration is to get these vitamins and minerals and nutrients from food as opposed to supplements. However, modern practices of agricultural are stripping the soil of nutrients devastating the nutritional value of crops. The fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than today since advances in science have created negative issues.

 Keep in mind when taking supplements these are not replacements for good nutrition.  

With the FDA having such loose regulations and policies, it is imperative consumers are extra cautious about which products they choose. Often times, products are only recalled after they have proven to be unsafe or hazardous to consumers. To avoid unsafe products, it is crucial that people have access to manufacturers who have proven to use only the best practices in developing legitimate, all-natural vitamins and supplements.




Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

Taking your practice to the beach or outdoors is more like Yogis intended more than 5,000 years ago. According to some of the top experts in Yoga, practice must NOT
be constricted solely within the yoga studio; Yogis and athletes must learn to develop exercise or yoga practice outdoors. This is the same reason that yoga retreats are mostly held in outdoor environments that enable one to get close to nature.

In extensive research from the Environmental Science and Technology, 11 studies with 833 adults the author’s concluded that when compared to indoor exercise, outdoor exercise led to increased mental benefits with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and decreased stress and depression. Most all of the trials showed an improvement in spiritual, emotional and psychological well-being over studio yoga or indoor exercise.

The healing touch of sun-kissed skin, the aromatic smell and the melody of waves, seagulls, breeze and laughter enhance your yoga practice. Practicing beach yoga builds the secondary muscles in your feet and hips and increases core work in balanced postures. (Asana) The warm, uneven sand, massages, strengthens and aligns the feet while increasing overall enjoyment.

Within the limitations of a yoga studio, teachers do their best to create an atmosphere of inspirational and therapeutic music, soft lights and aromatherapy. Practicing yoga on the beach opens up a variety of positive sensations for ones soul.


Yoga on the Beach | Indian Shores | Clearwater | Maderia | Redington Beach | Yoga Classes

Beach Yoga Classes - Changes- seasonal. Call ahead

About Side-plank

Enjoy Beach Yoga classes with the soft beach breezes off the Gulf of Mexico and the sound of waves lapping at the beach line on Indian Shores, Florida. This is a Vinyassa  flow style class, offering modification options for beginners and challenging options for more experienced Yoga practitioners. This wonderful experience with the sounds of nature, gentle breezes and warmth of the sunshine is something you will never forget. These beach yoga classes take place just before sunset. The sky is beautiful and adds an ever changing natural setting to the class that makes each one of the beach yoga classes something special and unique. Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

What to Bring?

 Bring a large blanket, bolster or extra beach towel for seated poses. Standing flow or Asanas are often done in the sand with the feel of soft sand on the feet. Yoga mat, water and sunscreen are recomended. Plan on taking extra time before or after class to go for a swim or walk the beach. There are also many great beach restaurants in Indian Shores, Indian Rocks Beach, Redington Beach, Maderia Beach and Clearwater.


All donations go to United Health Care. Donations are anywhere from $6-15 per class.


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